Kick off meeting for Water Programme 2019 in Belarus

Environmental activities on water issues in Belarus continue to receive support from Sweden.

On the 12th of April in Kolodishchi, Minsk region, the partners of Water programme in Belarus gathered for a kick off meeting for the extension of the programme, supported for 4th year in a row by Sida.

The agenda of the kick off meeting:

10:00 Morning coffee

10:30 Welcome words (Maria Basova, Programme manager from CCB).
10:35 Agenda, work plan (Maria Basova).
10:40 Welcome round of partners, presentation, expectations from the meeting.
11:00 New prolongation period of the Programme. What changed? (Maria Basova)
11:30 Results based management in development programmes (на русском). Presentation of the basic principles. (Maria Basova).

12:00 Matrix of results. An example of the logical framework. (Maria Basova, Ekaterina Evsyukova, coordinator of the Programme in Belarus).

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Group work with the results matrix by outcomes. (Moderated by Maria Basova, Yekaterina Evsyukova, Evgeny Lobanov).
14:45 Presentation of the results of group work based on the principles of the new matrix. Partners’ feedback on results-based management logic. (Moderated by Evgeny Lobanov, Maria Basova, Ekaterina Evsyukova).
15:30 Communication (на русском) (Olga Astapovich, Tatiana Kuznetsova). Group discussion on the need for a common resource.

16:30 Discussion of plans for the next year in groups. (Moderated by Evgeny Lobanov, Maria Basova, Ekaterina Evsyukova).
17:30 Discussion and planning of general program activities. Drawing up a calendar of events. (Maria Basova).
17:50 Wrap up of the meeting.

Other documents:
List of participants

Программа встречи на русском.