MSFD D1 Species Workshop on threshold values

On 16-17 January 2019, the European Commission ENV Marine Team at DG Environment arranged an “MSFD D1 SPECIES WORKSHOP ON METHODS FOR SETTING THRESHOLD VALUES”. The workshop took place at the Hotel Villa Borghi in Varano Borghi, province of Varese.

The scope of the workshop was to:

  • make recommendations for harmonised methods to set threshold values for individual species groups;
  • contribute to the alignment of MSFD-HBD policy requirements; and
  • support interregional coordination for a consistent approach for threshold setting for MSFD species.

The workshop activities focus on species, and parallel sessions will be organized for each MSFD species group (marine mammals and reptiles, fish and cephalopods, birds). CCB participated together with other European NGOs to ensure Member States employ satisfactory methods for setting species threshold levels.