“Our Common Baltic” (OCB) – CCB Online Course

Welcome to join Our Common Baltic 2021 online, Aug- Oct 2021

The CCB network aims to establish and develop contacts between engaged citizens in all the Baltic Sea countries. The CCB Our Common Baltic course (OCB) is a fantastic way for engaged volunteers to get involved, to learn more about the problems and solutions for the Baltic sea catchment and to meet and learn from each other’s experiences and on specific issues in respective national and local situation.

Due to COVID-19 restriction, OCB 2021 was held online in August – October as series of webinars.
Each webinar day addressed specific theme and/or cross-cutting issue and consisted of introductory lectures and practical part, devoted to development of project proposals under specific themes. The course was free of charge and open to wide audience of environmental activists interested in Baltic Sea protection.

Working language was English, with simultaneous translation into Russian provided.

       The agenda                                                                   The speakers
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The lectures

Day 01 – Cross-cutting issues

  • Theory of Change and Result-based management Giulio Ghirardo and Daniel Guijarro, Transformancy. Presentation
  • Gender and environment Martin Hultman, Chalmers University of Technology. Recording
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region Viktoria Rudenko and Anna Ushakova, Friends of the Baltic. Presentation & recording
  • Ecosystem based management – Nils Höglund, CCB Secretariat. Presentation & recording

Day 02 – Biodiversity & Nature Protection

  • Marine Protected Areas – Hanna Paulomäki, ecologist and environmental activist. Presentation & recording
  • Baltic harbour porpoises – Ida Carlén, CCB Secretariat. Presentation & recording
  • Underwater noise in the Baltic & Europe – Peter Sigray, Researcher at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Presentation & recording
  • Coastal ecosystems in the Baltic Sea – function, current trends and the role of fish – Jens Olsson, Researcher in marine ecology and coastal fish dynamics. Presentation & recording

Day 03 – Hazardous Substances

  • State of contamination by hazardous substances and marine litter, risks and impacts Mikhail Durkin, CCB. Presentation & recording
  • Plastic Free Baltic – changing consumption patterns and introducing best practices – Eugeniy Lobanov, Ecoidea. Presentation & recording
  • Safe pesticides management – awareness raising – Natalia Cholovska, Ecoterra. Presentation & recording
  • Hazardous substances in daily life & activities around us -Heidrun Fammler, Liga Pakalna, Marina Vogel, Kai Klein, Elionor Ferrer, Baltic Environmental Forum. Presentation & recording
  • Introduction to the Clean Games Baltic Cup, 18 September 2021 – Anton Zaitsev, Clean Games. Presentation & recording

Day 04 – Maritime Activities

  • CoastWatch – Peeter Vissak, Estonian Green Movement.
  • Accessibility to Nature and Coast, Coastal Protection Measures – Janis Matulis, Latvian Green Movement Presentation 1
  • Coastal Erosion – Anna Ushakova, Friends of the Baltic. Presentation & recording
  • Maritime Spatial Planning – Andrey Lappo & Natalie Nosenko, Ermak North-West. Presentation & recording
  • Monitoring Large Infrastructure Projects at Sea and Coast  – Mikhail Durkin, CCB. Presentation & recording

Day 05 – Eutrophication

  • Welcome & introduction of the day – Ewa Leś, TPRIiG & CCB Working Group Leader on River Basin and Wastewater Management. Presentation & recording
  • Good agri-environmental practices, including nutrient accounting & nutrient balanced fertilization – Maria Staniszewska, PKE & CCB Working Group Leader on Water Protection in Agriculture. Presentation & recording
  • Importance of buffer zones – Mia Svedäng, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Presentation & recording
  • River basin management as an instrument to control and reduce nutrient inputs – Daniel Bush & Anne Steuer, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. Presentation & recording

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