“Our Common Baltic” Online Summer Course

The CCB network aims to establish and develop contacts between engaged citizens in all the Baltic Sea countries. The CCB summer course “Our Common Baltic” is a fantastic way for engaged volunteers to get involved, to learn more about the problems and solutions for the Baltic sea catchment and to meet and learn from each others experiences and specific issues in the respective country and local situation.

Due to the current circumstances with travel and COVID-19, OCB was held online this year from 29 June to 3 July 2020, with no travel necessary.
So the program this year was diverse, offering opportunities to focus on specific environmental issues active today such as plastic pollution, eutrophication, barriers to fish migration, and harmful installations, and some of the creative ways we can meet these issues. The program also offered space to look at our legacy in the treatment of indigenous peoples and minorities and why this awareness, including of our gender norms, matters for some of the deepest shifts we hope to support in this work, our move from ego to eco.
We also had a significant focus on the theory of change and Results Based Management, a fundamental logic to understand when navigating project and program development in different areas of interest.

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If you have any questions, please contact Edward Stern: edward.stern@ccb.se

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