Our Common Baltic summer course


Our Common Baltic summer course in 2013

The CCB summer course, ”Our Common Baltic, OCB,” takes place this year at Hel Marine Station 9-14 September.

Hel Marine Station is situated on the top of the beautiful Hel peninsula in Poland. Hel has boat connection with Gdynia during summertime.

CCB member organizations are entitled to propose one person to Our Common Baltic. As resources are limited, priority is given to those who register first. If you are interested to participate, please contact your CCB member organization for further instructions and information about registrations.

The CCB network aims to develop contacts between environmentalists in all the Baltic Sea countries.

Looking forward to a fun and informative course this September!

Final programme here

The presentations made during the course:

CCB Marine litter

Baltic fish and Baltic fisheries OCB 2015

River Watch OCB 2015


OCB 2015 Skorupski

Nutrient balanced agriculture practice

New approach to rural toilets

Mare Nostrum Balticum

Folder phosphate campaign

Presentations made by the participants about activities in their organisations etc:

Nerush” on protection of water objects

Ecosanitaion in Ukraine: success and prospects

2015 Presentation Hel marine station

Presentation of the Polish Ecological Club (PKE)

Grey seals harbour porpoises


Please register by filling in the form and send to hildur@ccb.se

Summer course programme – Draft

Day 1 – 9th September

15.00–19.00 Coffee/tea with sandwiches on arrival with registration
19.30–19.50 Introduction to CCB and the course programme
19.50–20.15 Short personal introductions, name, country, organisation
20.30 Dinner

Day 2 – 10th September

07.00–08.00 Breakfast
08.00–08.40 Introduction to the work of Hel Marine Station
08.40-10.30 The participants give a small introduction about their country, the organisation they represent and what topics they focus on. 7 min each!
10.30–11.30 Observation of the seals at Hel Marine Station during the feeding combined with medical training;
11.30–12.00 Visit in the museum of marine mammals (exhibition of seals and porpoises);
12.00–13.30 Lunch
13.30–15.00 Lecture: The Baltic Sea – characteristic of biological and environmental conditions and CCB priority areas
15.00–15.30 Coffee/tea
15.30–16.15 Lecture continued: activities within CCB priority areas.
16.30–17.30 Lecture: Baltic native marine mammals – grey seals and harbour porpoises.
18.00 Dinner
Evening Nice getting together with culinary specialties from each country that the participants bring!

Day 3 – 11th September

07.00–08.00 Breakfast
This day will hopefully be dedicated to a whole day sailing tour, depending on the weather. Lunch on the boat.
19.00 Dinner
Evening Free time

Day 4 – 12th September

07.00–08.00 Breakfast
08.30–10.30 1st group. Taking samples, going by Oceanograf, the ship at Hel Marine Station
10.30–12.30 2nd group. Taking samples, going by Oceanograf, the ship at Hel Marine Station
13.00–14.00 Lunch
14.00–15.30 Analysing the samples in laboratory
15.30–16.00 Coffee/tea
16.00–17.30 Lecture: Causes of eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
18.00 Dinner
Evening Social event, film

Day 5 – 13th September

07.00–08.00 Breakfast
08.30–12.00 Discussions, examples

  • CCB: bad manure practice, industrial animal farms
  • CCB: waste water management/ecosanitation
  • CCB: nutrient balanced agricultural practice
  • CCB: River watch activities
  • CCB: Marine litter
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.30–15.00 Lecture: CCB: Legal conditions, the role of NGO’s, local good examples, hot spots
15.00–15.30 Coffee/tea
15.30–18.00 Discussions about how the participants and their organisations can work in order to improve the situation.
19.00 Dinner
Evening Good bye party

Day 6 – 14th September Day of departure

08.00–09.00 Breakfast
09.30–11.00 Summing up the experiences Evaluation
12.00–13.00 Lunch
CCB chairman: Jakub Skorupski, Green Federation Gaja Project leader: Nina Ljungquist, CCB office Coordinator: Hildur Hardardottir, CCB office