Round table «Ecosystem approach in integrated river basin and coastal marine areas management. Role and place of public participation»

On 22nd and 23rd of March 2017 in the frame of XVIII International Environmental Forum «Baltic Sea Day» CCB held two round tables on Ecosystem approach in IRBM and MSP and public participation

Round table1: Ecosystem approach in integrated river basin management. Role and place of public participation

Actual aspects of water management, SKIOVO (Scheme of complex use and protection of water resources) realization in Baltic sea region (Mrs. Marina Kazmina, Deputy Head of Neva-Ladoga Water Basin Administration)

Ecosystem approach to transboundary water management in Neman and Western Dvina/Daugava river basins, the role of climate change (Mr. Vladimir Korneev, Central Research Institute for Complex Use of Water Resources)

Possibilities to determine individual quotas of nutrients load reduction to implement the Baltic Sea Action Plan (Mr. Sergey Kondratyev, Deputy Director for Science Research Institute of Limnology)

Actual aspects of cross border cooperation between Russia and Finland (Mr. Pauli Haimi, professional engineer for Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, South-East Finland)

Russian-Estonian cooperation in water protection: Lake Peipsi and Narva River case (Mrs. Olga Vasilenko, the head of Chudskoy project NGO, Margit Sare, Peipsi Center for transbou
ndary cooperation, Estonia)

Work in groups, role game «Public participation in water management» according to the particular cases/challenges for water management. The programme of the game and conclusions could be found here.






Round table 2: Ecosystem approach in integrated coastal marine areas management. Role and place of public participation

Short presentation of the programme BBNP and CCB work on MSP (Mr. Mikhail Durkin, Coalition Clean Baltic)

Presentation of the short film “Become a maritime spatialist in 10 minutes” (developed by WWF)

Marine spatial planning for dummies: basics, similarity and difference between water area and land planning. The role of stakeholders. (Mr. Andrey Lappo, Ermak Institute Northwest)

The examples of public participation in spatial planning in Russia.

The first results of interaction with the Kurgalsky peninsula`s public and the Ust-Luga rural settlement in the Barents-Baltic programme «Nature and a human» (BBNP) (Ms. Anna Loseva, Coalition Clean Baltic)

“Park on Smolenka”: history and projects (Ms. Elena Marusina, the initiative group «Park on Smolenka»)

Group work/ business game «Public participation in MSP» (Mrs. Julia Danilova, Mr. Evgeny Genelt-Janovsky, «Biologists are for environmental protection»)

The final video from the round table about MSP. Many thanks to Yevgeny Shabalin for providing video and photo materials.

The programme of the even could be found here.

The draft of the IRBM round table’s resolution could be found here.

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