Conference – Sustainable and green transformations of the resource intensive industry sectors

On the 26th May 2021, 10.00 – 14.30 CET, was online the conference on “sustainable and green transformations of the resource intensive industry sectors” under the Lithuania’s Chairmanship of CBSS.

The focus of the conference was on sustainable, circular, and innovative approaches supporting the transition of the BSR towards a low carbon economy, where the resource-intensive sectors such as textiles, food, constructions, plastics companies play a crucial role.
The biggest steps towards sustainability, circularity and green transition can only be taken with the support and collaboration of decision makers and stakeholders.

During this event, good practices and experiences on innovative production methods were exchanged, as well as new business models or more sustainable behavior.

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See the preliminary agenda.
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The 23rd EGSD – Baltic 2030 meeting took place after the conference from 15.00 to 16.00 (CET), with a brief break in between.