To be or not to be… removed – International seminar on dam removal

Karlstad University (KAU), Hudiksvall municipality, County Board Gävleborg and Dam Removal Europe (DRE) partners invite you to join the third DRE seminar from 24 to 26 September 2018 at the Kulturhuset Glada Hudik, Hudiksvall (Sweden).

To be or not to be… removed. A question that depends on many factors. Factors we will discuss during this amazing 3 day seminar. The three days will be filled with talks by international speakers who will be talking about Dam Removals, Hydropower, Cultural Values, Policies, “Dam Removal for Dummies” and much more. It is an unique opportunity, for those of you dealing with dam removal issues, now or in the near future, to learn from real cases throughout Europe and USA.

The first day of the seminar different aspects from the dam removal world will be discussed, such as social issues, hydro-industry perspective, existing policies in Europe and the Water Framework Directive.

The second day will focus on real case studies, already carried out or to be done in different EU countries and US. There will be a special guest from France, describing the studies and preparations being carried out in the upcoming biggest dam removal in Europe, the Vézin Dam (36 m). The last and third day we will enjoy a field visit to dam removal sites around Hudiksvall, both already removed dams and dams to be removed in the near future. There are still some open slots available for experts that would like to present their dam removal cases and experiences. Feel free to contact Pao Fernandez Garrido (

Keynote speakers: 

  • Jaakko Erkinaro – Natural Resources Institute, Finland (LUKE). The bigger picture of migratory salmonids and dams (prel. title);
  • Anne Shaffer – Coastal Watershed Institute (USA). Nearshore effects of the Elwha dam removal;
  • Pao Fernandez Garrido – Dam Removal Europe/World Fish Migration Foundation (Spain). Dam Removal for Dummies;
  • Stephane Fraisse – French National Institute for Agricultural Research. Pre- and post-removal study of Vézin and La Roche dams.

Read and download the full programme here.


There is limited number of seats, so please book your as soon as possible. The seminar will have a €75 regular attendance fee and €50 students fee.

To register to the seminar follow this link (open from 29 May)

More details about travel info and accomodation here.