Training on Gender sensitivity and environment

During May 2018 the partners from Barents Baltic Nature and People Programme implemented in Russia gathered to deepen awareness and sensitivity for gender and explore how it can be relevant in the work for the environment.

The training was held by Swedish and Russian experts Vidar Vetterfalk, Psychologist (MÄN, Sweden), Marina Pisklakova-Parker, PH.D.sociology (Center ANNA, Russia) and Nikolai Eremin, Expert in social work with fathers (Center ANNA, Russia).

Goals of the meeting:

  1. Deeper understanding of what gender is;
  2. Deeper self reflection about gender and how I relate to it;
  3. Put on the “gender spectacles” and look at environmental challenges;
  4. Collaborate and start to develop understanding, language and methods for how to work with gender and environment – for care for humans and nature.

Participants of the training discussed what is “GENDER”, made a group exercise “Sex” or “Gender”. The trainers introdused “Macho Fabrika” and shared their success on work with fathers in Russia. The critical point when the connection became even more clear was achived by presentation of the study on Men and eco-friendly behavior (Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption by Aaron R. Brough and James E. B. Wilkie).

A trustful and friendly atmosphere was formed during the meeting where the participants were open to discussion gender stereotypes, socialization and how it happens.

During the second day examples of masculinity models were presented and the role of masculinity in changes.

Within the structure of gender relations were revealed two fundamentally different structures of relations between men and women:

  • One relates to the division of labor;
  • The second is connected with power, control and coercion.

The meeting was concluded by brainstorming of ideas about which areas of environmental work we can incorporate the gender concept.

Presentation of the training is available here.

For Russian version please use this link.