Transboundary Daugava river rafting/kayaking expedition

The Transboundary Daugava river rafting/kayaking expedition took place on 14 to 17th May, 2019 on river Daugava (close to Belarus/Latvia border).

The expedition was organised by “Environmental Protection Club of Latvia” and Association “Green Belt of Latvia” within Project “Healthy River – Healthy Me – Healthy Sea: Joint actions for common challenges”.

The aim of the rafting tour was to share knowledge and promote water protection in the Baltic Sea region and look for establishment of a joint transboundary Public
Advisory River Teams (PART) in order to:

  • facilitate engagement of public and civil society into decision making related to water management issues;
  • enhance capacities of public River-Watch monitoring practices to provide data and information that can be used for management purposes;
  • develop recommendations and proposals regarding state of abiotic and biotic components of river basins.

– More info and related agenda are available here;
List of participants
News on VAK´s website.

Pictures from the rafting expedition: