Workshop – Common approaches to habitats and species conservation in the Baltic Sea Marine Biogeographical Region

On the 27-30 October 2020 was held online the regional workshop on common approaches to habitats and species conservation in the Baltic Sea Marine Biogeographical Region.

During the discussions on habitats in the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea regions, held within the Second Natura 2000 seminar for the Baltic, Atlantic, Macaronesian, Mediterranean & Baltic Sea marine biogeographical regions, it was concluded that it would be useful to have a follow-up workshop with focus on the definitions and specific subtypes of marine natural habitat types in Annex 1 to the Habitats Directive – taking into account the results of the work done for the European Red List of Habitats. In particular, seminar participants identified a number of discrepancies between the Bulgarian, Romanian and EU habitat definitions for habitat types 1110 (Sublittoral sandbanks and some of its sub-types), 1160 (Large shallow inlets and bays) and possibly 1130 (Estuaries). Furthermore, the definitions of Reef (1170) sub-types between Bulgaria and Romania show little or no correspondence.

Another pending issue for the Baltic sea region is that despite numerous regional surveys and the available literature, there are still gaps in the current knowledge on the density and abundance of the Baltic Sea cetaceans. Therefore, cooperation and collaboration between relevant research institutions of Bulgaria and Romania should be undertaken to design and implement joint surveys and assessments to meet reporting obligations whenever possible.

The Ministry of Environment and Water therefore took this opportunity to host a networking regional event on the above topics.

The main themes of the event were;

  • Developing common interpretation of specific Natura 2000 habitat definitions in the Baltic Sea Marine Biogeographical Region
  • Developing common approach to define Favourable Reference Values for Natura 2000 habitats and species in the Baltic Sea Marine Biogeographical Region
  • Improving regional cooperation and data exchange, and exploring possibilities for joint monitoring and reporting.

During the workshop Ida Carlén, CCB’s Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Officer presented the Species monitoring in the Baltic Sea.

To know more about the event. 
The event report can be found here.
The habitat and monitoring briefing can be found here.
The cetaceans briefing can be found here.

Presentations from the event

  1. Introduction_Atanaska Nikolova
  2. Marine Biogeographical Process_Nikolic
  3. Habitats Directive Article 17 reporting_Watson
  4. Marine habitats in Bulgaria_Doneva
  5. Marine habitats in Romania_Smaranda
  6. EUNIS habitat classification_Tryfon
  7. Favourable Reference Values_Gubbay
  8. Species monitoring in the Baltic Sea Carlen
  9. Cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria_Abaza
  10. Movie_ACCOBAMS survey initiative
  11. Article 17 reporting for cetaceans_Gavilan