Workshop on Industrial Animal Farming, 25 Nov

On 25 November 2016, a CCB Workshop on Industrial Animal Farming (IAF) and Environmentally Sound Agriculture was arranged in Riga/Jelgava, Latvia. The Workshop continued the series of similar events that CCB has carried out in previous years (a report from the workshops in Vilnius and Vitebsk is available here).

The target audience was mainly local stakeholders such as local authorities, farmers, agri-advisory services and academia, and the workshop focused on promoting Best Available Technology (BAT) for IAF, as well as wise nutrient management.

The workshop was held at the premises of Latvian Agriculture University in the small city of Jelgava, situated within the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone of the Lielupe River basin. CCB’s Member Organization, Environmental Protection Club of Latvia (VAK) hosted the event.

Below you can download the agenda and the presentations from the workshop:


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