XXI International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day”

The XXI International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” took place in St. Petersburg on 23 – 24 March 2021. The aim of the Forum was to discuss environmental challenges and the state of the sea: nutrients, micropollutants, hazardous substances in water, MSP, river basin management, addressing climate change and the need for sustainable management of water basins and other topical issues in the Baltic Sea Region.

BSD Forum attracted participants from all sectors in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, supported a continuous and fruitful cooperation for the healthy Baltic Sea and contributing towards the goals for the conservation and protection of its environment.

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Presentations and video of the events 

23 MARCH 2021 (Photos*)

Plenary Session and Panel DiscussionLINK to the video and Presentations

Hazardous Substances – updating HELCOM framework: ProgrammeLINK to the videoPresentations
HELCOM’s work on regional policy document, joint action on micropollutants in wastewater sector, emerging pollutants (screening campaign) and etc. Possible contributors: ENVITOXHAZLESS (hazardous chemicals in the eastern Gulf of Finland) and etc.

Maritime Spatial Planning: ProgrammeLINK to the videoPresentations
In the frame of bilateral Russian-Swedish program of cooperation. Roundtable will be conducted with the aim to overview the tool Symphony for ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning, Russian MSP Roadmap and BSR MSP Roadmap-2027 currently been developed. In addition, the geography of MSP experience will be exchanged by presenting MSP activities in the Far East of the Russian Federation and all over the world (Germany, Romania and China maritime spatial plans and tools)

River Basin Management plans and BSAP targets. Effectiveness and Sufficiency of measures to reduce nutrient loads and achieve BSAP targets: ProgrammeLINK to the videoPresentations
Dialogue between HELCOM and the Transboundary River Basin Commissions to coordinate efforts to reduce nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea. Cross-border cooperation and effectiveness of nutrient load reduction measures, including projects NarvaWatMan (Narva river), SEVIRA (Seleznevka river) and etc., cooperation within the “Water Program” of Belarus and Russia (Coalition Clean Baltic)

Increasing resilience of the Baltic Sea to climate changeProgrammePresentations
Discussion of the impact of changes in climatic parameters on the environment and human activities, exchange of best practices on increasing resilience to climate change. The workshop will focus on urban water management (BSR Water Platform and RAINMAN projects) and the impact of climate change on the region’s river basins

Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project for SDG implementation in Baltic Sea region: Programme, LINK to the videoPresentations
With support of the project “Baltic Industrial Symbiosis” on promoting the formation of industrial chains “waste-resource”, organization and establishment of the “living laboratory”.

LUKOIL projects development in the Baltic Sea: Programme, LINK to the videoPresentations
LUKOIL has a rich experience in the development of marine fields, the effectiveness of which in terms of environmental safety is confirmed by long-term environmental monitoring data. Thus, during the development of the Kravtsovskoye field (D-6), advanced standards for the organization of environmental management, “zero discharge”, and environmental monitoring, recognized by the international community, were applied. The Company plans to apply these and other measures in the development of the D33 project. Will present approaches to the implementation of the D33 project, and also offers to discuss them with representatives of the expert community.

24 MARCH 2021 (Photos*)

Towards environmentally friendly agriculture: Programme, LINK to the video, Presentations
Effectiveness of measures to reduce nutrient loads from agriculture, including recycling, BAT for livestock farms; development of resource-saving and organic agriculture

Smart water management: regional strategies, best practices and expertise exchange from the BSR WATER platform: ProgrammeLINK to the videoPresentations
Workshop for Russian stakeholders. In the frame of International platform project  BSR Water

Open meeting of the Organizing Committee: LINK to the videoFinal Presentation
Outcome of the expert seminars and discussion of future plans